Which users at a school can set up up Family Alerts?

Family Alerts can only be set up by the Super Admin of the schools' Bark for Schools account. If there are multiple Super Admins, each of them will be able to set up or change Family Alerts.

Family Alerts can be accessed within the school dashboard here: https://www.bark.us/schools/parents/settings

The alerts that parents receive are identical to the ones the school receives.

How do Parents get invited to join a schools Family Alerts?

There are 3 ways a school can invite a parent to enroll in Family Alerts:

These can be found here:  https://www.bark.us/schools/parents/settings

1) Generate unique parent sign up links for email:

  - This option is used to create a .csv of parent-specific unique referral links that the school would then use to send the request to parents themselves. These accounts will be linked to the child that the school has associated with the parent (i.e. we generate a unique link for 'Little Johnny' which the school then emails to johndoe@gmail.com - now Little Johnny will automatically be populated in John's parent's dashboard once John creates his parent account through that link).

2) Parents Activate using student school credentials:

   - This option is will allow the school to use one link to send to all parents (school sends out), the parents will then need to create an account and connect their childrens' school accounts to Bark. See below for more detail on this process.

3) Upload parent emails and Bark will email sign up link:

    -   This option is used to invite parents in bulk to create a Parent account with Bark. The school will upload a .csv with student-parent email match-ups (i.e. student email on column A and parent email on column B). Bark will then send the invitation to the parent on the schools behalf. Student information is automatically populated in the Parent account once enrollment is complete.

Does Bark provide an email template for schools to use in their invites to parents?

Bark provides an email template that schools can use to send parents an invite to Family Alerts. This can be located here: https://www.bark.us/schools/parents/settings

As depicted in this screenshot:

Here is what this email template looks like:

Sample Parent Email Template

Dear Jamestown Public Schools parents,Keeping our students safe online is one of the administration’s highest priorities, which is why we partner with Bark to monitor all of our school-issued student accounts. When a potentially harmful or serious message is sent online or created, Bark sends us an alert so we can know who’s involved and what’s happening, so we can quickly intervene.Introducing the Parent Alerts DashboardNow, parents can also receive alerts when Bark discovers potentially harmful messages and/or content on your child’s school-issued accounts outside of school hours, including issues found in:EmailsChatsDocsFilesThe importance of critical alertsA lot can happen when kids are literally left to their own devices. We believe that both schools and parents could benefit from sharing the responsibility of receiving critical updates about their children, especially when serious incidents occur, such as:Suicidal ideationActs of violenceThreatening instances of cyberbullyingSexual predationWhat parents can doReceiving these alerts will help you gain insight into what your child is actually thinking and saying online. Use these opportunities to start conversations with your child, and stress the importance of open, honest communications.[SIGNUP LINK]

As a school administrator, what options do I have with the alerts that parents receive?

Within the Parent Alert settings, there are two adjustable options for the administrator (Super Admin):

1)    Severity:

 -Super Admins can choose between All, Only Severe, and None.

-Important to note: These severity settings are for ALL issues - as opposed to "Profanity" settings available in the regular Bark Parent accounts.

2)    Time:

-Super Admins can choose between After Hours (from 3p to 8a in their time zone) and Any Time (24/7).

As a Parent, I received a link and created an account - How do I add my child's student email address?

The Parent will log into their dashboard at Bark.us and be greeted by this screen:

If their child's account ends in @gmail.com - they will connect via G-Suite.

If their child's account ends in @outlook.com - they will connect via Office 365.

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