Note: All instructions need to be done by an administration of of the G Suite domain

  1. Visit Bark for G Suite in the G Suite Marketplace and click the "Install App" (or "Domain Install") button at the top.

2. Enter your credentials for G Suite

3. Agree to Google's terms and authorize access to the domain's Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive.

Note: Be sure to Select the top-level OU. The app will need permissions for domain admins to get the membership of OUs. Selective monitoring or certain groups is configured later in Bark.

4. Uncheck the option to notify users and click the "Next" button

5. After seeing where the Bark for G Suite App will be, click the "Next" button

6. Click the "Launch" button at the bottom to configure Bark for G Suite

7. Sign in as a user with access to the G Suite Admin's groups

9. Check the Organization Units Bark should monitor and click the "Done" button

10. You'll be taken to the dashboard where you'll find potential issues going forward

Log in after setup

From your domain's App launcher, click the "more" link and find Bark towards the bottom:

Permissions Issue Fix

If you have trouble viewing the settings page or inviting other admins, it's likely because we don't have the proper permissions to access the directory API.

Google has requested we add the directory admin access to the main app, we need the OU included that includes the account you signed with. This won't cause us to monitor your account (monitoring is configured within Bark), just allow us to get an access token to be able to read the membership of the Organizational Units so we can keep them up-to-date.

  1. Sign in to your G Suite Admin Console
  2. Click the Apps button

3.  Click Marketplace Apps

4. Click the three dots to the right of Bark

5. Choose the ON for everyone option


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