Note: All instructions need to be done by an administration of of the G Suite domain

  1. Visit Bark for G Suite in the G Suite Marketplace and click the "Install App" button at the topĀ 

2. Enter your credentials for G Suite

3. Agree to Google's terms and authorize access to the domain's Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive.

Note: Be sure to Select the appropriate OU where the accounts you would like monitored are saved.

4. Uncheck the option to notify users and click the "Next" button

5. After seeing where the Bark for G Suite App will be, click the "Next" button

6. Click the "Launch" button at the bottom to configure Bark for G Suite

7. Sign in as a user with access to the G Suite Admin's groups

8. Click the "Allow" button to allow Bark access to the groups in your G Suite domain

9. Check the Organization Units Bark should monitor and click the "Done" button

10. You'll be taken to the dashboard where you'll find potential issues going forward

11. If you select multiple Organization Units, please make sure you follow the steps in the video below to enable the appropriate permissions for all of the OUs you'd like to monitor:

Log in after setup

From your domain's App launcher, click the "more" link and find Bark towards the bottom:

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