Note: All instructions need to be done by an administrator of the Office365 account

  1. Visit Bark for Schools Office365 signup
  2. Choose the account you'd like to use for setup:

3. Accept the permissions needed for Bark by clicking the "Accept" button at the bottom:

4. Choose the account you'd like to use as the first admin account:

5. Accept the permissions by choosing the "Accept" button at the bottom

6. Enter the organization's name and location and click the "Update" button:

7. Configure the sensitivity settings at the top and configure the Groups you'd like Bark to monitor by clicking the toggle to the left of the Group name. When complete, click the "Invite Admins" button:

8. Invite additional admins to the Bark account to review issues by completing the form and clicking the "Send Invite" button:

9. All done!

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