To monitor your child's iOS device, please follow the steps in this article. With iMazing, iOS backups to your computer can be scheduled to backup at a certain time every day via WiFi on the Mac iMazing Mini version. This capability will be available for Windows this Spring. You will only need to plug your child's iOS device in to a computer for the initial backup, during set up. Then it's set and forget!

Average time to set up: 10 minutes per iOS device

Why should you download iMazing?

  1. Apple's security prevents Bark from accessing iCloud backups (so we can't monitor your child's iOS device via iCloud)
  2. iMazing lets you backup your child's iOS device via WiFi (iTunes does not)
  3. Your child's iOS device can continue to backup to iCloud - you don't have to change anything in order to use iMazing
  4. Much easier than using iTunes for backups! No more plugging your child's device into the computer regularly to manually backup. If you'd still prefer to use iTunes backups for Bark's iOS monitoring, please see the iTunes backup instructions here

What you'll need for the set up:

  1. Your child's iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  2. A Mac or Windows computer (preferably your home computer)
  3. A USB cable to plug your child's iOS device into the computer
  4. Internet

Let's get started:

1. Download and install iMazing's free iOS backup software to your Mac computer or Windows computer (this software downloads the iOS backup file to your computer, where Bark can access it)

2. Download and install the Bark desktop app for your Mac computer or Windows computer (this software uploads the backup file to Bark for analysis)

3. Open iMazing. Mac users: Please check the “Automatically start iMazing Mini when you log in.”

4. Plug your child's iOS device in to your computer. On Windows computers only: Please select a device on the left panel, and then select "Back up"

5. Set backup options. On Mac iMazing Mini, choose how often you'd like iMazing to take a new backup of your child's iOS device via WiFi (we recommend daily around dinner time, when your child is home and on the same WiFi network as your computer). Windows iMazing does not currently have the scheduler option, but this feature is expected to be available soon. Note: Automatic scheduled backups are currently only available for Mac computer users. iMazing is releasing the automatic backup feature for Windows users soon.

6. NO ENCRYPTION. Please DO NOT enable encryption (Bark can't monitor your child's iOS device if the backup is encrypted)

7. Back up the device. Click "Next" or "Done" and then click "Back Up Now"

9. Mac users: Please schedule your computer to be awake during the scheduled backup times in iMazing. To schedule sleep and wake times on your Mac, please open System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Schedule (click button). you will be able to set sleep and wake times on the following screen (see screenshot below). Please schedule your computer to be awake during the hours you chose for iMazing backups.

10. Open the Bark desktop app (Mac users: check in your Applications or Downloads. Windows users: check your desktop shortcuts or your Program Files). If the Bark desktop app is already open, you'll see the Bark dog icon near the time/date on your computer screen. Click that (right click on Windows) and select "Launch Bark" (For Mac Mojave users: If the Bark Desktop app isn't opening, click this link for more help)

11. Add your child's device. The Bark desktop app should automatically detect the new backup file. If your child's device doesn't appear in the list, please click "+ Add Device"

12. Upload your child's backup. Next to your child's iOS device, please click "Not Monitored" and select your child's name. The backup will begin uploading to Bark at this point. Please make sure your computer stays ON and connected to the internet until you see a green checkmark next to your child's device

13. All done! When you see the green check mark, your child's device is now connected to Bark and being monitored. You will begin receiving notifications about potential issues from this iOS device. The next time you log in to your Bark account, you'll see the Apple icon under your child's name in your Dashboard. Windows users: Please see below for backup instructions.

Please make sure both iMazing and the Bark desktop app remain open so that backups and uploads can occur automatically (applies to Mac iMazing Mini users). For Windows iMazing users, please open iMazing and select "backup" to backup your children's iOS devices via WiFi. We recommend daily backups.

You should see both the Bark dog icon and the iMazing icon near the time and date on your computer screen if they are open. On Windows computers, these icons may be in the "hidden icons" box that you can open by clicking on the tiny arrow next to the time and date (see image below).

If you need any help, please contact or schedule a call with us at!


Mac users: If you see an error message "[file name] is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash" - please follow the instructions in this article to resolve. This is most likely a security settings issue, and not indicative of file corruption.

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