Apple requires the use of app-specific passwords when connecting iCloud e-mail accounts to third parties like Bark.
Note: this only monitors e-mail activity -- not iPhone activity. To monitor iPhone activity, see here!

Step 1:
Before creating the password, you will have to enable two-factor authentication for the child's iCloud account. Check out this walkthrough on how to enable two-factor authentication:

Step 2:
Once you have two-factor authentication turned on, login to your child's Apple ID account page with their Apple ID and password. You may do so by going to

Step 3:
Next, generate the app-specific password needed to add your child's account to Bark:

  • Under the Security section, you'll see App-Specific Passwords. Click on "Generate Password". 
  • Type in "Bark" and then click "Create." 
  • A 16-character password will be generated. Right-click Copy this password:
  • Paste into Bark's connection window for iCloud emails, seen below:

For information on how to connect accounts like iCloud, check out this article.

If you would like assistance or further direction on how to connect an iCloud e-mail for monitoring, reach out to, and we'll be happy to assist!

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