How does Bark detect potential new accounts?

When your child signs up for a new platform, there is generally a text or email that is sent to an existing phone number or email address to confirm that sign-up. If your child's iOS or Android device is connected to Bark for text monitoring or your child's email address is connected to Bark for email monitoring, Bark will detect this message and alert you of a "new account detected"!

Additionally, if you've connected an Android, iOS, or Amazon device for monitoring, Bark can also detect new app downloads of platforms we monitor, if you haven't already connected those to Bark for monitoring.

Does Bark alert on apps downloaded that are potentially alarming?

Though Bark does not alert on every new installed application on your child's iOS or Android device, Bark can alert you if a monitored device downloads a risky app, like anonymous messaging platforms, even if at this time Bark cannot monitor that platform for worrisome activity. You can then have a conversation with your child about that app. 

We know that there's always changing trends on the latest apps children use, so we are consistently adding to the list of potentially risky apps our system will alert on for you!

What's to stop a child from opening a new account under a different login/password?

Nothing. However, Bark detects changes in activity over time and notifies you if one of your child's accounts has significantly less activity as compared to previous periods. 

This drop-off often indicates the child may be using a different account on that same platform, or perhaps using a new platform altogether. Either way, it's worth asking the child about their change in usage and understanding why it might be the case.

Have additional questions about how Bark monitors?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we are happy to assist!

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