Which users at a school can set up up Family Alerts?

Family Alerts can only be set up by the Super Admin of the schools' Bark for Schools account. If there are multiple Super Admins, each of them will be able to set up or change Family Alerts.

Family Alerts can be accessed within the school dashboard here: https://www.bark.us/schools/parents/settings

The alerts that families receive are identical to the ones the school receives.

How do Families get invited to join a schools Family Alerts?

There are 3 ways a school can invite a family to enroll in Family Alerts:

These can be found here:  https://www.bark.us/schools/parents/settings

1) Upload parent emails and Bark will email sign up link:

    -   This option is used to invite parents in bulk to create a Parent account with Bark. The school will upload a .csv with student-parent email match-ups (i.e. student email on column A and parent email on column B). Bark will then send the invitation to the parent on the schools behalf. Student information is automatically populated in the Parent account once enrollment is complete.

2) Connect your school to Bark through Clever:

You can connect your school to Bark using your Clever account. Log into your accountand install the Bark app to automatically share parent contact information with Bark. We will then create unique activation links and send them to each parent on behalf of the school.

3) Connect your school to Bark through Power School:

You can connect your school to Bark using your PowerSchool account. Download the plugin below and install it in your PowerSchool instance (instructions here).

Download Plugin

Once installed, fill out the form below to send us your client ID and secret. We will then collect your students' parent contact information, create unique activation links, and send them to each parent on behalf of the school.

Does Bark provide an email template for schools to use in their invites to parents?

Bark provides an email template that schools can use to send parents an invite to Family Alerts. This can be located here: https://www.bark.us/schools/parents/settings

As a school administrator, what options do I have with the alerts that parents receive?

Within the Parent Alert settings, there are two adjustable options for the administrator (Super Admin):

1)    Severity:

 -Super Admins can choose between All, Only Severe, and None.

-Important to note: These severity settings are for ALL issues - as opposed to "Profanity" settings available in the regular Bark Parent accounts.

2)    Time:

-Super Admins can choose between After Hours (from 3p to 8a in their time zone) and Any Time (24/7).

As a Parent, I received a link and created an account - How do I add my child's student email address?

The Parent will log into their dashboard at Bark.us and be greeted by this screen:

If their child's account ends in @gmail.com - they will connect via G-Suite.

If their child's account ends in @outlook.com - they will connect via Office 365.

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