Step 1: Visit your dashboard

Step 2: Click the "+ Connect Accounts" button for the relevant child 

Step 3: Choose what you'd like to connect 

You can always connect more accounts later!

Step 4: Get connected!

  • To connect social media or email, choose who is connecting the account
    - If you know your child's password, select "Connect my child's account"
    - If you want to let your child retain privacy over their password but have spoken to them about connecting their accounts, choose "Invite Your Child to Connect Accounts" (in this example, Chili) to send them a text message with connection instructions
  • Got an iCloud email that will not connect?
    You may have to enable two-factor authentication. Read more here!
  • Got a Yahoo or AOL email that will not connect?
    You may have to enable a setting within the email account. Read more here!

Step 5. Follow the prompts to allow Bark access to your child's account
In this example, we will allow Google access to the child's Gmail.

Step 6. All done! You should now see the accounts connected on your dashboard. 

Please allow some time after the initial connection before you start receiving alerts.

If you need to remove an account from monitoring, check out this article.

Need additional assistance getting set up?

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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