To use iMazing to automatically backup your child's iOS device via WiFi instead, please click here.

Compatible with any iOS 9+ device. Please make sure iTunes, your computer, and your child's iOS devices have up-to-date software.

For Bark's desktop application to monitor iOS device content (text messages, photos/videos, browser history, etc.), the iOS device will need to be regularly backed up to the local computer. This requires changes to iTunes.

I. Install the Bark Desktop application on the computer the device will be connected:

  1. Download the Bark Desktop app (Windows / Mac)
  2. Install and follow the on-screen instructions to setup

II. Configure iTunes for Bark Desktop:

  1. Connect the iOS device to the computer
  2. Open iTunes on the computer if it doesn't open automatically
  3. Click the device at the top if iTunes doesn't automatically open to the device summary

4. Under the Backups section of the device summary, choose This computer to back the device to the local computer and ensure the Encrypt local backup (the language may change depending on the device. e.g. "Encrypt iPhone backup") checkbox is left unchecked

5. Under the Options section, check Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi. Sometimes WiFi backups do not work. We always recommend plugging the phone in to the host computer for regular backups.

6. Click the Apply button in the bottom right to save the settings
7. Click the Back Up Now button from the Backups section to create a backup of the connected iOS device (this may take a few minutes to complete...please wait until it finishes before moving on)

8. Click Done

Important: You must backup the iOS device regularly in order for Bark to receive updated information to monitor. While you can backup via WiFi by opening the device summary page in iTunes and clicking the Back Up Now button (as shown above), we always recommend plugging in the phone to the host computer for regular backups.

Important: The first backup may take as long as a couple hours. Please ensure that your computer DOES NOT go to sleep or lose internet connection during this time or the subsequent upload to Bark. You may need to temporarily disable sleep mode for this initial backup. All subsequent backups should only take a minute or so.

III. Monitor devices in Bark Desktop:

Once the device has been backed up using the above settings, the desktop application should detect the back up allowing you to associate the device to a child in your Bark account:

If you notice your child's phone has not been backed up in a while, or you have received a "missing backup" notification from Bark, you can manually back up their iOS device by doing the following:

  1. Plug your child's iOS device into the host computer
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Go to the Device Summary page for your child's iOS device
  4. Click the Back Up Now button

IMPORTANT: If you see the following " not enough free space" error message when backing up to iTunes, please do the following:

  1. Quit the Bark desktop application (click the dog icon near the time/date on your computer and select Exit or Quit Bark).
  2. In iTunes, please take a new backup and wait until it completes.
  3. Re-launch the Bark desktop app and allow the backup to upload to Bark. A green check mark will appear when finished.
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