The error

Potential Reason:
Encryption is enabled in iTunes

To uncheck "encrypt local backups" in iTunes, please:

  • Open iTunes
  • Plug your child's device into the computer
  • Go to your child's Device Summary page by clicking on the tiny square phone icon button that appears at the top of iTunes - see image below
  • In the Device Summary page, please uncheck the "Encrypt Local Backups" checkbox
    (If you are unable to do this, please go to Preferences in the iTunes menu. In Preferences, please select Devices. Delete all backups for your child's device in this list)

Adjusted iTunes settings, but Bark still says Encryption Enabled?

If Encryption is still on the iPhone or iPad after following the above steps, you may need to Reset the Settings of that device.

This is not a complete Factory Reset affecting your device's data. All it does is remove your preferences for Wi-Fi, Encryption, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Notifications, General, Sounds, Brightness, Wallpaper, and Privacy. 

NOTE: While this function does not remove any data from your iPhone, Bark does recommend backing-up your device to iTunes before doing this process.

Follow the steps below to Reset All Settings:

  • Once complete, reset the Bark Desktop App
    (here are steps for Windows; here are steps for Mac)
  • Then delete all old Bark backups that may have been encrypted
    (here are steps for Windows; here are steps for Mac)

Adjusted Device Settings, but Bark still says Encryption is Enabled?

If it still says the backup is encrypted, please check to see if you have any device management services such as Verizon Family Base or Norton Family. These interfere with Bark's iOS monitoring because they force encryption on your child's Apple device.

There are many other services that could create a device management or configuration profile. See here for how to remove a device management profile that may be forcing encryption on your child's Apple device.


Got Encryption Disabled?

Select Check for New Backups on the Bark Desktop App.

The error message for encryption will now have disappeared and you can go ahead and re-select your child in the menu.

With all these steps complete, Bark will now re-sync the device data with our servers. 

Not tech-savvy or run into a weird error and need help?

No worries! Bark Support is committed to helping every step of the way. 

Please email or schedule a call with us at !

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