Step 1. Sign in to your child's Google Account in Chrome

Open Google Chrome and make sure the child's Google/Gmail account is signed in by clicking on the circle icon to the right of the address bar, as seen below:

Step 2. Download the Bark extension 

Access the Google Chrome Web Store. You may do so via this link:

In the search bar, type in "Bark":

Find the Bark for Chrome extension:

Click the "Add to Chrome" button:

Confirm that you want the extension to be installed:

Step 4. Turn on Bark Monitoring for Incognito Browsing 

Click on the Bark for Chrome extension and select "Manage Extensions": 

Toggle "Allow in Incognito":

Step 5. Hide the Bark extension from the address bar (optional)

While we encourage parents and kids to have discussions about Bark, we understand the need to keep the Bark extension somewhat hidden.

To do so, click on the Bark extension, and click "Hide in Chrome menu"

Step 6. Breathe!

The "Bark for Chrome" extension is now installed and actively monitoring regular browsing/searches as well as incognito browsing/searches on Google Chrome. 

Remember, your child's Gmail account must be connected to their Bark profile and must be logged in to the Chrome browser. To connect your child's Gmail, check out this article.

Need additional help?

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