Parent Portal was launched as part of Bark's mission to keep kids safe online 24/7. We wanted to make sure that alerts were not missed during times when school administration may not be as available as during school hours, which is why we've made Parent Portal a requirement for enrollment of the Bark for Schools program.

Which users at a school can set up up Parent Portal?

Parent Portal can only be set up by the Super Admin of the schools' Bark for Schools account. If there are multiple Super Admins, each of them will be able to set up or change Parent Portal

Parent Portal can be accessed within the school dashboard here:

Changing Frequency and Severity of Parent Portal alerts

Within the Parent Portal settings, there are two options the Super Admin can adjust:

Severity:  Super Admins can choose between All and Only Severe.

Time:  Super Admins can choose between After Hours (from 3p to 8a in their time zone) and Any Time (24/7).

How do Families get invited to join a school's Parent Portal?

Bark for Schools provides the information needed to introduce this to your district, administrators, and families. We also provide a sample of the invitation email that will go to families.

How to Set Up Parents

Bark provides limited-version parent accounts for free through our Parent Portal to help manage the safety of students.


Set up Email Invites to Families

1) Connect your school to Bark through Power School:

You can connect your school to Bark using your PowerSchool account. Download the plugin below and install it in your PowerSchool instance (instructions here).


2) Connect your school to Bark through Clever:

You can connect your school to Bark using your Clever account. Log into your account and install the Bark app to automatically share parent contact information with Bark. We will then create unique activation links and send them to each parent on behalf of the school.

3) Upload parent emails and Bark will email sign up link:

This option is used to invite parents in bulk to create a Parent account with Bark. The school will upload a .csv with student-parent email match-ups (i.e. student email on column A and parent email on column B). Bark will then send the invitation to the parent on the schools behalf. Student information is automatically populated in the Parent account once enrollment is complete.

Upload a .csv or .xslx file in the following format:

Have Questions?

Check out the Parent Portal Frequently Asked Questions:

Need additional help?

We have an incredible team behind the scenes here at Bark. For technical questions, we can be reached here. Our team is happy to help!

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