By enabling the Parent Portal a district takes the crucial step of involving parents in the mission of keeping students safe on school technology, especially after hours and weekends. 


Once the Parent Portal is enabled either through Powerschool, Clever, or the .CSV upload, this email will be sent to the parents to invite them to enroll:


Once the parent clicks the link, "Sign Up Now" they are taken to a page to create a password for their free parent account:

The parent and student email accounts are connected automatically once the parent clicks the link to "Create Account". 


Now the parent will be able to access the dashboard for their child's student accounts - where they'll have the option to connect other accounts, and review account activity:


The top right drop down is where a parent can navigate their free Bark parent account:

There are several options for a parent to filter, connect, control alert intensity, add text alerts, and see check-in history:

  1. Review Issues:  The parent is can use the same type of filtering functions and is provided the same information on an issue as a school with one key exception: identifying information for all other students is scrubbed.
  2. Connect <Child's> Accounts:  The parent can choose to add devices and/or social media accounts for monitoring in addition to the school-issued account. Parents that do this will be discounted 20% because they came from our district partner.
  3. Add Child: A parent can add another child that may or may be in the in same school or district with Parent Portal.
  4. Check-ins: When monitoring a device, the Bark for Kids app gives the option for a child to check in with the parent and provide their GPS location. This option provides the history of those check-ins.
  5. Protect School Accounts:  This option is already enabled from Parent Portal but if a parent wanted to add another child for monitoring in or out of the original district, they can do that here. (student credentials required)
  6. Alert Settings: Parents can enable alerts via text message and add other parents to receive alerts here. There are several sliders to allow adjustment to alert severity as it relates to profanity, risky app use, weapons, and more. 
  7. Account:  The parent can change their parent name and update their email address here.
  8. Support: Our technical support team is available to help parents set up and work through the challenges of protecting children in today's technological climate.
  9. Refer a Friend: Parents can share a link with friends to try Bark If parents get enrollments this way, Bark will give that parent a $50 Amazon giftcard.

Need additional help?

We have an incredible team behind the scenes here at Bark. For technical questions, we can be reached here. Our team is happy to help!

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