In order for Bark to monitor your child's phone itself (as opposed to social media activity like Facebook or Instagram) for things like texts, web browsing, notes, and the camera roll, we'll need to perform regular backups to a computer. 

This is because of Apple's stringent security on their devices, which prevents third-party apps (not just Bark) from monitoring those activities. 

To get started, download the Bark Desktop App onto a computer to upload backups for analysis of potential issues like cyberbullying, sexual content, suicidal ideation, and more. These backups take snapshots of everything on the device (those previously mentioned texts and photos, for example) at the time so that they can be monitored by Bark.

After the first-time setup, activities will be automatically backed up wirelessly over Wi-Fi whenever your child and their devices are home.

Average time to set up: 15 minutes per device.

Let's get started!

What kind of computer will you be using?

What about social media?

On your Bark dashboard, under "Connect Accounts," you can connect your child's email and social media accounts for monitoring. These will be monitored at the account-level, which means monitoring happens in real-time regardless of whether the accounts were accessed on a phone, tablet, or computer. Their information isn't stored onto the phone's hard drive. 

What if my child doesn't have email or social media?

Your child's Apple ID email is a perfect email to connect for monitoring, since Bark can alert you if a child creates new accounts using that email address, as well as alert on worrisome content in emails send and received to that email address.

Often, this is an iCloud email address, which has unique connecting steps.

Read our connection instructions for iCloud email here!

If it's a different type of email address, like Gmail or Yahoo, check out the connection instructions below.

Read our connection instructions for other emails here!

Is this related to iCloud backups?

Because of Apple's security over their iCloud system, we do not monitor your child's iOS device from iCloud backups. Instead, we monitor iPhones, iPads, and iPods with the help of the Bark Desktop App that you will be installing on a Windows or Mac computer. See the buttons above for instructions on installing the Bark Desktop App on your home computer!

Is my child's iOS device compatible with Bark?

Bark is able to monitor iOS devices with Apple's iOS 10 or later. 

Unsure which version your child's device is on?
Tap on their Settings app > General > Software Update.
If the version is 10+, then Bark can monitor your child's device!

Note: At this time, Bark is not compatible with Beta versions of iOS.

Running into an unexpected error and need some help?

No worries! Bark Support is committed to helping every step of the way. Email or schedule a call with us!

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