What is the cost for the Bark For Schools web filtering service?

Bark for Schools provides a world-class online school safety solution. We began with account monitoring services for G Suite and Office 365 that made us one of the fastest-growing companies in EdTech. Since then, we’ve added a specialized extension for monitoring Chrome and a web filter that categorizes and blocks domains at the IP and DNS levels. 

Schools might expect to pay a premium for such a service, but Bark for Schools is available completely for free.

What is the Bark for Schools DNS Web Filter?

DNS filtering is a great alternative to more traditional hardware and software-based solutions for filtering the internet in schools.

The Bark for Schools' DNS web filter works at your network-level by redirecting traffic, based on the information associated with your schools router and the service supplier, permitting administrators to filter by parameters via a web browser-based portal. Within Bark for Schools you can also view granular reports on usage within your school.

What is the Bark for Schools Chrome Web Filter?

Our Chrome web filter will allow for whitelisting and blacklisting of any site, and offers the function to disable access to certain sites of a given category, at the browser level. We also provide up-to-date reports within Bark for Schools so that you can stay updated on your student's web usage. 

Alongside this, we also provide details for site visits on a student level — empowering administrators to make informed decisions on student web traffic behavior.

How does Bark for Schools work with our current web filtering service?

Bark’s mission is to equip schools with all the tools needed to ensure superior student safety online. In the past, schools would often layer Bark for Schools’ account monitoring with a paid provider for web filtering. With our added DNS and Chrome web filtering, we are now able to provide a full suite of digital safety tools, offering a holistic approach to online student safety. We are proud to offer this suite of digital safety tools for free (forever!), allowing schools the option to discontinue use of paid web filtering services. 

Though paid web filtering services (and the additional costs involved) are no longer necessary, schools can continue to use Bark for Schools layered with another web filtering service as desired.

How do I turn on web filters?

We've created step by step instructions to get you started. Select a guide below.

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