LiveMe is a popular live broadcasting app that currently has more than 100 million users and counting. While the company restricts anyone below the age of 18 from creating an account, kids don’t necessarily follow or pay attention to age-gating. Fortunately, LiveMe recognizes this and has become one of the first social media platforms to take a proactive stance to help protect children who may be using their app.

When you connect your child's LiveMe account to Bark, our service will monitor your child’s chats and direct messages (DMs) on the LiveMe app, alerting you to signs of cyberbullying, thoughts of suicide and depression, sexual content, online predators, and more. 

Whether your child accesses their LiveMe account from their phone, tablet, computer, or another device, Bark will analyze their activity and alert you if our system finds something potentially dangerous.

Click below to connect your child's LiveMe account to Bark!

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