If you have multiple children enrolled in schools that are protecting students via Bark for Schools, you do not need to create separate Parent Portal accounts for each child.

If you've already set up a Parent Portal account, adding another child's student accounts to it is easy! 

Connect the student(s) accounts via the invitation email

STEP 1: Log in to your Parent Portal account at bark.us on a computer or mobile device.

STEP 2: In another browser window, log in to your email, and locate the Bark for Schools invitation email for the student you have not yet connected to your Parent Portal. Click Confirm My Contact Info in that email, as seen below:

STEP 3: A new window will open and you will enter your child's birth month and birth year, and click Save.

STEP 4: Now, your additional student should now be reflected in your Parent Portal dashboard, as seen in the example below:

STEP 4: Repeat this for any additional invitations / children you have!

For information on navigating your Parent Portal account, check out the second half of this article.

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