STEP 1: Log in to your Bark dashboard as the Super Admin.

STEP 2: Navigate to the Parent Portal settings.

STEP 3: Scroll down and select Powerschool from the methods available:

STEP 4: Select Download Plugin, as seen below:

STEP 5: Now, to install the plugin file, login to the admin side of PowerSchool

STEP 6: On the left hand side, under Setup, select System:

STEP 7: On the System page, scroll down to the Server section, and select System Settings:

STEP 8: On the System Settings page, select Plugin Management Configuration:

STEP 9: On the Plugin Management Dashboard, select Install on the top right of the page.

STEP 10: From the Plugin Install page, select Browse and select the Bark plugin.xml file.

STEP 11: Select Install, and the package will install. 

If it installs properly, it will take you to the Plugin Management Dashboard with a green bar stating it installed successfully. However, the plugin still needs to be enabled.

STEP 12: To enable the plugin, select the check box on the same line as the plugin:

STEP 13: That opens up a side bar that confirms you will give the 3rd party plugin access to your data. Select Enable at the bottom of the form:

STEP 14: Now, click on the Bark plugin

It will take you to a Summary page of the plugin. On that page, select Data Configuration. That page contains a ClientID and ClientSecret

STEP 15: Copy and paste your school's Powerschool URL, ClientID, and ClientSecret onto the Bark Parent Portal settings seen below and click Save.

We'll then send unique activation links to each parent on behalf of the schools by the end of the day!

NOTE: If you want to prevent Bark from accessing your data via the plugin, simply uncheck the enable box in Powerschool, and Bark will no longer have permission.

How do I reach the Bark for Schools team?

We have an incredible team behind the scenes here at Bark. For questions, we can be reached here

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