By launching the Parent Portal a district takes the crucial step of involving parents in the mission of keeping students safe on school technology, especially after hours and weekends. 

If our system detects issues like Cyberbullying, Depression, Drugs/Alcohol, etc. on your child's student account after hours, you will receive an email notification and be able to review the issue in your Parent Portal dashboard.

Below is what your journey will look like after you've received an email invitation from your school to create your Parent Portal account.

STEP 1: If you'd like to enroll in the free Parent Portal, click Confirm My Contact Info in the email you've received:

STEP 2: You will be taken to a page where you enter an email and create a password for your free Parent Portal account. Then, click Confirm My Info.

NOTE 1: If you're an existing Bark account-holder, you don't need to create another Bark account for Parent Portal. You can add the student account monitoring to your existing Bark account by logging in to and then clicking the Confirm My Info link in the invitation email.

NOTE 2: If you are a parent with multiple children and receive separate activation emails for each child, you do not need to create separate Parent Portal accounts. Once you've created an account with the first student/child, you can add your other children into that same account by clicking the Confirm My Info link in your invitation email for the other child(ren). For help, check out this article or reach out to us!

STEP 3: Enter your child's birth month and birth year, and click Save.

STEP 4: Now you will be able to access the dashboard for your child's student accounts, as seen in the image below. 

You can access the dashboard from any web browser or via the Bark parent app on iOS and Android

STEP 4: If you've received invitation emails for your other children, follow these steps to add them to your newly created Parent Portal account.

Navigating your Parent Portal account:

You can click on the top right menu to manage your account. Below is a description of each option in the menu that appears.

  1. Dashboard: An overview of the children associated with the Parent Portal account as well as their connected accounts.
  2. Community: A message board for all things digital parenting.
  3. Review Issues:  If any issues are detected on your child's student accounts after hours, you can find them here for your review. If there are no issues found, that is good! 
  4. Add Child: You can add another child here if you'd like to upgrade to our Bark for Families service that allows you to monitor your child's devices and social media for worrisome content. The good news is, since you came from Bark for Schools, you'd get 20% off automatically!

    Otherwise, if you'd like to add another child's school accounts, you will need to scroll down to "Have school account login?" on the Add Child page to connect those additional students/children (student credentials required). An alternative method to adding additional student accounts is described here.
  5. Check-ins: This feature is only available for our paid subscribers that are monitoring their children's personal device texts, web browsing, and more. Free Parent Portal accounts do not have access to this feature. However, you can upgrade from a Parent Portal account to the full subscription at any time for an automatic 20% off!
  6. Alerts: Families can enable alerts via text message and add other family-members to receive email and/or text alerts here. 
  7. Account:  You can change your parent name, adjust your subscription plan, and update your email address here.
  8. Support: You can contact our incredible team here as well as review articles in our knowledge base.
  9. Refer a Friend: You can share a link with friends to try Bark. If they enroll this way, Bark will send you a $50 Amazon gift card over email for each parent.
  10. Protect School Accounts:  This option includes tips on spreading the word about Bark for Schools. 

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