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To set up Bark's Screen Time & Filtering on your child's device, click our guides below for your child's device:

How to Manage Your Family's Screen Time Rules

STEP 1: Log in to your Bark dashboard on your mobile parent app or via on a browser.

STEP 2: Click on the account menu and select Screen Time:

STEP 3: Select your child or device to manage it individually or select "Pause everyone" to stop all internet activity on managed devices:

  • If it says "Add a device", you need to set up that child's Android, iOS, and/or Chromebook device(s) with the applicable child companion app.
  • If it says "Applying Daily / Bedtime Rules", then you have already set up that child's device(s) with the applicable child companion app. You can click into that child to pause all internet activity or to adjust their device(s) rules and limits. 

How to Manage an Individual Child's Screen Time Rules

When clicking into an individual child, you will see the following screen. Below we will go over each option.

Pause / Resume <Child's name>
If you'd like to stop all internet-based apps (over both Wi-Fi and cellular data) on this child's device(s), click Pause Child. It will then look like this:

NOTE: Even when paused here, the VPN on your child's device still allows communication over the local network, meaning Wi-Fi backups to a computer and Wi-Fi printing are still able to happen uninterrupted.

Apps & Website Rules
Here you will see a list of categories and exceptions you can easily block or allow for your child during the day.

  • Safe Search
    When enabled, this feature gets locked in on your child's Screen Time device and filters explicit search results on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo search engines. You can also enable Safe Search (known as Restricted Mode) for Youtube search results.
  • Exceptions
    Here you can further allow or block specific websites for this child. This supersedes the rules you've already set for categories. In other words, if you block the Games category, but go into Exceptions and allow specifically, then all Games will be blocked except Roblox.

A parent can set a bedtime, meaning that whenever it reaches this time, it will block all internet access.

Don't worry, if your child adjusts their device date/time, it will not impact Bedtime. Bedtime is associated with the time zone you've set in your parent Profile Settings -- not the time on your child's device. For more information on adjusting your Profile Settings, see here.

Recently Blocked Activity

What this area is intended for is troubleshooting. 

For example, if your child asks "Why is Bark blocking this site?", you should navigate to this page, click on the gear icon of the site that was blocked and review why it was blocked. 

After clicking the gear icon next to a website, a pop-up appears with more information on why it was blocked, including the category of the website, the policies in place (Daily Rules vs. Bedtime Rules), and an option to provide feedback on the category of the website.

If applicable, you can quickly allow that site by clicking Allow:

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