Please note that doing these steps will permanently delete this child's data, including connected accounts and issues.

STEP 1: Open
your Bark app or navigate to the Bark website.

STEP 2: Log in if required.

STEP 3: In the top right of the screen select your account drop-down arrow.

STEP 4: Select Dashboard.

NOTE: If you don't see the dashboard, you're likely still in the onboarding stage with Bark. For help with getting through onboarding, check out these instructions: Connecting your child's devices and apps for the first time

STEP 5: Click on the gear icon next to your child's name.

STEP 6: Click the Remove Child button at the bottom of the page to delete your child from Bark.

All done! You have successfully removed that child from Bark and will no longer see them as active on your dashboard

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