Is this your first time connecting accounts or devices to Bark?

If it is, read this guide instead!

Otherwise, follow the steps below to connect a new device or social account to Bark.

STEP 1: Visit your dashboard.

STEP 2: Scroll down and click Add Account for that child.

STEP 3: Choose the account or device you'd like to connect.

You can always connect more accounts later! You also get an unlimited number of accounts you can monitor with your Bark all-in-one subscription, meaning you can add unlimited Gmail accounts, unlimited Instagram accounts, and however many other accounts your child has for the platforms we monitor.

STEP 4: Get connected!

To connect social media or email, choose who is connecting the account:

  • If you know your child's username and password, select Connect my child's account.
  • If you want to talk to your child about connecting their accounts while allowing them to retain privacy over their passwords, choose Invite Your Child to Connect Accounts (in this example, Charlie) to send them a text or email message with connection instructions.

Then, to finish connecting the social or email account to Bark for monitoring, you will click Allow on the subsequent screen.

If you are having trouble connecting a social or email account, check out our troubleshooting solutions.  

If you are connecting a child's device for monitoring, check out these other guides with detailed instructions: 

NOTE: If you are receiving an error message after selecting Allow on a Google connection, it's because your child's Gmail birthday is under 13 years old. When it comes to monitoring Gmail accounts created for those under 13 years old, for some reason, Google restricts any third-party connection, which includes Bark. You can see what birthday you've set for your child's Google account, inside of the Google account settings

STEP 6: All done! 

You can now see the connected accounts on your dashboard. You can review potential issues, manage your account, and more via this dashboard on your computer or mobile device.

NOTE: Please allow for some time after the initial connection before you start receiving alerts.

Additional Reading

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Check out our troubleshooting solutions for connecting social media accounts here:

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