Bark can monitor TikTok (formerly known as chats for Android and Amazon Fire device users. We're continually working to be able to monitor TikTok on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. 

Unfortunately, Bark is unable to support the TikTok app on iOS because they have not been open to working with third-party services. We recognize children spend time using TikTok and our goal is to do our best at keeping children safe online, so we will continue to work on integrating with TikTok in the future and will never give up!

The reason for this difference between Android and iOS in regards to the monitoring of those platforms is because Apple's devices are designed to be encrypted and secure  — it's why people love the brand! 

Androids are great phones too, but their operating system is a little more relaxed, allowing the owner of the phone to grant permissions to third parties like Bark to do more stuff. As such, we were able to design the Bark for Kids app on Android to monitor children's direct messages on TikTok from the Android device itself by allowing app permissions!

Hopefully we can take away some of the burden by monitoring your child's texts, other social media, and email!

You may also wish to check out Bark-o-matic, a FREE tool that shows you how to enable essential parental controls for your family's devices and services, including Netflix, Nintendo, Windows, and more!

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