Yes! Bark works when you have an iPhone and your child has an Android device or vice versa. 

Managing a Bark account for your family is independent of the monitoring we do against your child(ren)'s connected accounts.

Managing your Bark account:

Parents can use the Bark Parent Android App, Bark Parent iOS App, or Bark website to manage their account on any device (iPhone, Android, computer, etc).

This includes adjusting notification settings, reviewing potential issues, adding accounts and children to monitor, and more!

Monitoring your children's devices and accounts:

To monitor a child's Android device, download the Bark for Kids app onto their device.

To monitor a child's iOS device, install the Bark Desktop app onto a Windows or Mac computer and follow the instructions. No additional app from the App Store is needed or installed onto the iOS device.

To monitor a child's email and social media accounts, simply add them via your parent dashboard. For more information, check out this walkthrough!

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