We always recommend that parents discuss Bark and internet safety with their children, but we understand the need to use Bark without their knowledge.

Whether or not your child will know if Bark is installed on their devices depends on what kind of devices you are monitoring.

When setting up Bark, parents may need their children’s usernames and passwords for social media and email that parents wish to monitor if they opt out of sending text connection instructions directly to the child (see here for more information). 

Parents are also able to monitor their children's Apple device without installing anything on the device. 

After their social media/email accounts (and if appropriate, Apple device) are connected to Bark, children won’t know that they are being monitored unless you talk to them about Bark.

If parents wish to monitor their child’s Android device, the Bark for Kids app will need to be installed on the child’s phone. If your child uninstalls the Bark for Kids app, you will be alerted. You can set a parental passcode to prevent uninstalling the app without your consent by downloading a third-party app that locks apps from uninstallation unless you type in a password.

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